Rockeries are very common in my life. The lifelike rockeries let us add natural flavor to the city life of high-rise buildings. Do you know how rockeries are made? Now let's take a look at the manufacturing process of Jinan rockery by Jinan Laowang waterscape garden!
  Rockery design has the most prominent features, which is suitable for creating various mountain landscapes such as Qifeng, Yuya, Shenxia, Tiaoshan and Junling, and has the largest number of gardens in the south of the Yangtze River. The mountain materials are mainly natural rocks, and only plants are planted in the air between the rocks. The common scope is relatively small, mainly used in the closed environment of courtyard, pool and other spaces.
  The rockery design has a strong overall sense, and its center part is sandwiched with hanging stones to produce the effect of stalactite hanging. During construction, support frame shall be built in the middle. As the top of the mountain is the main part to show the mountain and charm, and also the main part to determine the center of gravity and shape of the whole rockery, it is important to make the pass, which is considered as the soul of the whole rockery. The top closing is generally divided into three types: peak type and mountain war top type. Peak type is peak type, round type is mountain type, and flat type is peak type. In a word, the overall effect of the mountain should be controlled, and it should be in harmony with the rockery's mountain situation, trend, volume, texture, etc. the disposal should be changed, and the end should be in good condition.
  假山工程的施工组织设计,并要及时骏收工序材料。复验堆砌假山工程量,复验堆砌假山体积,并按商定系数核算工程量。完工验收时,要一并牲收包括完工用的完工材料,签署程报验单。假山验收混凝土构造荫蔽工程。核验塑假山面积。检查塑假山种类方式。塑假山勾缝资料应与似山顺色相近。 假山施工根绝为了追求外型的奇巧或过火飘悬,而疏忽了工程的巩固性,在游人拥塞的状况下,纷繁攀爬的结果很容易发作坍塌的风险,游人多而坍倒形成死伤的惨痛经验,应当惹起全国的留意,要严厉看待假山的施工质量。以自然山水为底本并加以艺术的提炼和夸大,用人工再造的山水景物的通称。报据似山运用土石状况,是以泥土作为根本堆山资料。
  The construction organization design of the rockery project shall be timely collected. Recheck the quantities of the rockery, recheck the volume of the rockery, and calculate the quantities according to the agreed coefficient. At the time of completion acceptance, the completion materials including the completion materials shall be collected together and the project inspection application form shall be signed. Rockery acceptance concrete structure shade project. Check the area of plastic rockery. Check the types and methods of rockery. The pointing data of plastic rockery should be similar to that of mountain like The rockery construction has neglected the consolidation of the project in order to pursue the strange appearance or excessive suspension. Under the condition of crowded tourists, the result of numerous climbs is easy to occur the risk of collapse. The painful experience of death and injury caused by the collapse of many tourists should arouse the attention of the whole country, and the construction quality of rockery should be treated strictly. Based on the natural landscape, and refined and exaggerated by art, it is a general term for artificially reconstructed landscape. It is reported that the use of earth and stone in similar mountains is based on soil as the basic mountain stacking data.
  Why the rockery design and construction don't use natural rocks to create scenery on the mountain is an important factor that constitutes the basic landscape and landscape background of the garden. In ancient times, there was no mechanical construction equipment or cement connection, but most of them were stable, solid and durable, which shows that the traditional construction technology has its own advantages. Construction precautions, pile driving, lifting, tamping the foundation, piling the next, free from falling, prevention of children climbing methods, etc., carefully read the sentence Abas, very valuable.
  Today's construction equipment and reinforcement materials are much better than in the past, and private people with sufficient conditions have begun to pursue rockery for landscaping. In the face of cities with a large population, how can the stacking of rockery shrink in area, ensure the safety of tourists, and decorate some scattered spots of rockery with fewer and more precise guidelines, so as to play a more spatial role of public green space, without losing our country Characteristics of garden art. There are scattered, gathered and scattered, all of which have a certain effect.
  The preparation of rockery construction in the early stage, the preparation of construction materials, and the preparation of rock materials shall be based on the rockery design attempt to confirm the selected rock varieties, so that the primary selection of rock can be directly stopped at the place of origin, and the primary selection specifications can be appropriately relaxed. The rocks with large variation, abundant pores and long shapes can be more regular in shape, the rocks are not naturally generated but burst, and the block mounds without pores can be less or not selected.
  Another key factor in the success of the rockery design is coloring and plant collocation. The most important requirement for the color of the rockery is durability. Considering that most of the cement rockery is exposed to the sun, the request for the resistance of the rockery is heavy. The introduction of waterborne resin polymer paste or acrylic acid pigment and waterborne resin emulsion can be recommended for more than 10 years.
  The connection between the nature of cement rockery and the surrounding environment depends on the combination of plants. Plants can be selected according to the climatic conditions of the construction site. Plant planting pits shall be reserved in advance during the rockery construction, and the pit depth shall be more than 50cm.
  因而,应对其材质停止改进。美国目前已研发出一种耐风化、资料层较薄的新型产品,制造的假山外型愈加漂亮,颇受欢送改善假山石面的裂痕可从施工过程和日后养护两方面动手。详细来说,可采取如下措施,施工中的防备措施在施工过程中提早采取防备措施,防患于已然。首先是保证内部构造的平安。塑石假山的整体支撑靠的就是内部构造。其结实水平,直接关系着整 个塑石假山的强度。其次,可从减少泌水、加强集料与水泥石的粘结等方面人手。
  Therefore, the improvement of its material should be stopped. At present, the United States has developed a new type of weathering resistant product with thin data layer. The rockery is more beautiful in appearance. It is popular to see off and improve the cracks on the rockery stone surface. We can start from the construction process and future maintenance. In detail, the following measures can be taken. In the construction process, the preventive measures should be taken in advance to prevent the disaster. The first is to ensure the safety of the internal structure. The overall support of the stone rockery relies on the internal structure. The strength of the whole plastic rock rockery is directly related to its solid level. Secondly, it can reduce bleeding and strengthen the bond between aggregate and cement stone.
  The above are some steps of rockery manufacturing introduced to you by Jinan Laowang fake landscape garden forest. I hope you can understand them. For more information, please click http://www.jnlaowang.com