In the production of artificial rockery, conception is very important. Artificial rockery production must have a thorough understanding. Here is a brief introduction of the main points of the production of artificial rockery.
  、构思设计 假山制作前。
  First, the design of rockery before production.
  Make which kind, what shape, we must determine, otherwise we can not start, according to the idea, initially draw the outline shape on the paper. Note: The height and size of the rockery should be in proportion to the height and width of the site.
  Second, bonding and gluing rockery
  1. First of all, we should adjust the cement slurry, pay attention to the slurry should be adjusted as it is used, and also pay attention to the slurry's thinness and consistency. In order to increase the solidification time, leak stoppage data can be added to the cement in a proper amount; for the stone body which needs to be attached to the plastic stone body, it can be fixed with dolomite glue, and the colloid is covered with cement slurry after drying, so as to coordinate the overall tone.
  2. Stone processing, using hammers, chisels, saws and other tools to produce textures and more peculiar shapes. In order to ensure that the upper and lower stones support each other, the contact parts need to be cut and processed.
  3. To bond the mountain body, the surface of the mountain and stone that needs to be bonded should be coated with cement slurry to make the mountain and stone fit together. Attention should be paid when bonding, so that the broken marks can not be seen at the joint of the mountain and stone as far as possible, and the excess slurry at the joint should be cleaned up.
  The so-called rockery, in fact, is true, and its temperament is even better than the real mountain. People say that "the scenery is picturesque", which means that the picturesque scenery is better than the scenery, and the reason is the same. But if the rockery is not well piled, it is not included. The shape of rockery must be changed and the balance must be found in the change.
  "Mountains are not high, noble and hierarchical,..." (Chen Congzhou's Shuoyuan) The beauty of layers in art lies in concealment and implication. There is a sense of hierarchy in the heap of mountains, and the key is to have a three-dimensional layout for the love of the peak. It seems to show the feeling of "lofty mountains". The latter is covered by the front with rules, which can better show the magnificent momentum of the mountain, very powerful. The autumn hill in Yangzhou gardens is the top grade of Huangshi rockery. It is not dull, tall and dangerous. If we talk about specific techniques, we should emphasize the word "virtual". We should pay attention to the change of hill shape and the size of the cave.
  Secondly, temperament.
  The imitation of rockery is temperament, not a model of real mountain. To get rid of its dregs and extract its essence. The beauty of the real mountain lies in its majesty and vigor, and in its steepness and uprightness. Although the rockery is small, its attitude and temperament are no less magnificent and dangerous than the real mountain. To achieve the steep situation, one way is that its lower part should be small rather than large, and should be air-permeable rather than solid. One of the reasons why the hills are so ugly is that the lower part of the hills is too fat and stuffy and lacks the sense of steepness. Especially for the peaks and single stones, we should pay more attention to the beauty of steepness. All precious single stones and peaks have precipitous beauty. The three famous stones in the south of the Yangtze River: Rui Yunfeng of Suzhou, the jade Linglong of Shanghai (Yu Garden), and Zhou Yunfeng of Hangzhou, are not inferior to "three famous stones in the south of the Yangtze River". They are all in line with the rules of mountain beauty, but they are more beautiful and steep.
  The artistic conception of mountains has different categories. It is often said that Mount Tai is famous for its heroism, Mount Huangshan is famous for its peculiarity, Huashan is dangerous, Emeixiu is beautiful, and Mount Lushan fans have different aesthetic characteristics. Rockery can also be divided into these types, so it is necessary to choose an aesthetic tendency and pursue it deliberately. Rockery is an art. Its artistic conception should be mountain, not dragon or tiger. It is vulgar to make such a representation.
  Above is the main points about the production of rockery introduced by Xiaobian. If you want to know more about the production of rockery, you are welcome to pay attention to this site. I hope the summary of Xiaobian will be helpful to you.